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George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

Marshall has been solving complex technical problems throughout NASA’s history – advancing propulsion technologies, developing science instruments, and refining engineering solutions to support all NASA’s spaceflight endeavors to facilitate new missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

For more than six decades, NASA and the nation have relied on Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to deliver its most vital propulsion systems and hardware, flagship launch vehicles, world-class space systems, state-of-the-art engineering technologies, and cutting-edge scientific research solutions.

Marshall Space Flight Center has been a valued customer of Dorsett Controls since 1984.  Now in their fourth generation InfoScan system, Marshall’s utility control system (UCS) continues to expand into new mission areas and aid NASA in controlling utility costs.

Marshall’s system is multi-faceted in scope and responsibility. Nearly every facility including the complex’s massive central energy plant is monitored and controlled by InfoScan.

Installed: 1984

Buildings = 173+
I/O Points = 47,736
Intelligent Controllers = 6,169

Centralized chilled water plant and CHW storage tank master
Site-wide equipment scheduling
HVAC systems setpoint reset
Comprehensive BTU monitoring for mechanical systems to calculate building efficiencies
Electrical metering, archiving, and analysis
Historical data collection and archiving