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US Air Force

Providing critical control for the largest Air Force base in the country.

Dorsett Controls has been working with Hill AFB since 1989 to build one of the largest and most diverse control systems in the Air Force. Hill’s unique workload and mission requirements have been a perfect fit for the large-scale capabilities of InfoScan’s SCADA technology.

The Energy Monitoring and Control System (EMCS), as InfoScan is referred to, is installed in over 350 buildings on both the 6,700 acre main base and the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR), which encompasses 2,675 square miles of land. The system has been instrumental in saving millions of dollars in utility costs and preventing loss of high-value ICBM assets costing billions of dollars.

InfoScan is used to monitor and control over 40 separate airflow systems to maintain critical process conditions and prevent contamination of super-sensitive radar absorbing materials used in the stealth aircraft. InfoScan is also used to monitor and control critical environmental conditions in the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile storage and maintenance facilities at both the base and the UTTR, located 60 miles away.

Installed: 1989

Buildings = 350+
I/O Points = 30,254
Intelligent Controllers = 4,000

Power demand response
Industrial compressed air system monitoring and control
Master equipment scheduling
Setpoint reset
ICBM centralized environment monitoring and control
Electrical metering
Industrial corrosion control facility (de-paint and paint) for C-130 aircraft