Dorsett InfoScan Screenshot


System Solution for:

  • Water
  • Wastewater systems
  • Energy management
  • Facility security
  • HVAC
  • Intelligent building control

InfoScan offers more value-added advantages than any other provider. Our fully integrated system is designed to work for you not only today, but for as long as you own it.

Low Lifecycle Cost

Free 24/7 support with free training and free upgrades. No license fees and no maintenance contract required. Software can be self-programmed and self-maintained.

Guaranteed for Life

Take advantage of free lifetime upgrades and support. In addition to forward and backward compatibility, all of our hardware and software comes with the Dorsett Difference guarantee — your system will never become obsolete or incompatible.

Operating Cost Reduction

Electrical load efficiency is automatically optimized through intelligent data and forecasting tools, reducing power use and costs. Real-time monitoring and control reduces staff time.

Advanced Data Collection and Reporting

Data is collected and stored for forecasting optimum operating parameters and automatically generating reports. Retrieve collected and stored data securely, remotely or through multiple workstations.

Easy to Use Interface System Customization

Customize operations, add sensors, and modify graphics without tech support.

Easy to Access

Constant and reliable reporting with web and mobile compatibility. Easily monitor and control from anywhere, including from an iPhone or iPad.

Reliable Multi-Level Alarming System

Receive quick notification of malfunctions or critical issues. Automate responses to critical system issues.

Unlimited Expansion

InfoScan easily expands as your requirements grow.