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Dorsett Controls Saves Customer $13,000 Annually in Energy Costs

Yadkinville’s WWTP personnel sought to understand why their electricity bill had such a large “demand” billing charge. After connecting the plant’s existing power meter to their InfoScan SCADA system, it was readily apparent a very atypical peak demand was being set every month, as seen in the graph below.

After an extensive investigation, Dorsett engineers were able to determine the peak demand spike was caused by WWTP personnel manually starting a backup aeration blower for one hour every week. This one piece of equipment increased the month’s peak demand by an additional 130 KWD!

Dorsett Controls engineers determined that changing the schedule of the blower test to an off-peak demand time would eliminate the excessive cost incurred as a result of the backup blower testing.

$7,473.44 savings during winter months (8)
$6,348.56 savings during summer months (4)
$13,822.00 total savings over a 12-month period

Example on how Yadkinville’s WWTP saved $13,822.00 over a 12-month period by using Dorsett Control's InfoScan SCADA system.