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When You Can Be Glad You Have a SCADA System

When Hurricane Irene hit the eastern part of North Carolina with high winds and torrential rains, it made travel extremely difficult and dangerous. Below is a quote from Darren Currie, Town Manager of The Town of Lake Waccamaw, stating how Dorsett Controls SCADA system helped in a critical situation.

“I wanted to let you know how well your system performed during the recent hurricane. As the storm approached, our staff began to monitor the stations. As alarms would come in, one staff member was stationed at the server and would radio out to the crews the location of alarms and what needed attention immediately. By having the system in place, it enabled the staff to efficiently monitor the town’s systems without having to physically go to each site. We knew where power was down, high levels were at, and where generators were running.

Our goal now is to continue to expand the system so staff will have more capabilities in the future. Currently, staff is working with Dorsett Controls to assess our needs to accomplish that goal.”

It is very satisfying for us to hear from our clients regarding situations where a SCADA system can be almost indispensable. This scenario can easily occur during any major weather event. The system becomes your eyes, ears, and personnel during treacherous weather conditions. Most of the time, users take their system for granted but when it is needed, it becomes a very useful tool to monitor and control your processes without exposing your personnel to dangerous conditions.