Overhead view of water treatment plant

About Dorsett

Our Mission

To provide expert and innovative control solutions which empower our customers to achieve their unique objectives, while benefitting from our unparalleled support and service.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Dorsett Controls has been an industry leader in SCADA technology for more than three decades. We provide intelligent SCADA systems for water, wastewater, stormwater, energy management, air quality, security and intelligent building control.

We are a single source provider of intelligent SCADA hardware and software – which simply means we design, build and test every product we sell, ensuring your system will perform with reliability and efficiency from day one. Our expert engineering team utilizes the latest technology and extensive field experience to deliver a system that meets the exact needs of each customer.

Pipes in a wastewater or storm water plant that can have Dorsett Control's controls and SCADA to help assist in better management of the system.

Worker working on wastewater or storm water plant, SCADA helps assist this.
Before our system is installed, every component is assembled, validated, inspected and tested under conditions that far exceed normal tolerances. With our pioneering technology, our systems perform to a wide range of government and professional standards. And we use industry-standard components and architecture so you can utilize existing equipment where needed.