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MicroScan VAV

  • This is Dorsett Control's MircoScan Variable Air Volume Controller
  • This is Dorsett Control's MircoScan Variable Air Volume Controller

MicroScan VAV

The MicroScan VAV is a highly accurate, compact solution for VAV applications. Designed for a single platform that combines external sensors and devices, it has the ability to set occupancy override and adjust user set point from zone thermostat.

Technical Specifications

Part No.

Dimensions: 8.87” x 4.88” x 2.4″ [0.225 x 0.124 x 0.609 m]
Weight: 1.42 lb [0.644 kg]

0 – 50 °C operating
-25 – 80 °C storage

25 MHz, 8-bit microcontroller

4 kB high speed RAM
64 kB non-volatile FLASH EEPROM for storing code and VAV configuration settings

Supply Voltage
24 VAC ± 10% 60 Hz or
30 – 38 VDC

EIA 485 Bus, MS/TP
Speeds: 1200, 9600, 19200, 38400 baud

Digital Inputs
(2) DryContact:
• Occupancy override input
• Occupancy status input

Analog Inputs
(5) 12 bit ADC:
• Room temperature input: 500-1500 resistive input or 4-20 mA loop power
• Setpoint adjust input: 1000 resistive input maximum
• Supply air (box discharge input): 500-1500 resistive input
• Auxiliary input (jumper selectable): 0-5 V / 0-10 V / 4-20 mA loop power
• CFM sensor input: fully integrated on-board sensor 0-2” standard, optional 0-5” or 0-1”

Digital Outputs
High current digital output triacs @ 24 VAC
• Lights on (12vA)
• Lights off (12vA)
• Fan control (12vA)
• Digital heat 1 (12vA)
• Digital heat 2 (12vA)
• Digital heat 3 (12vA)

Analog Outputs
• Damper control
• Reheat valve control

Utilizes 12 Bit DAC for excellent control resolution. 4-20mA or 0-10Vdc selectable, 24Vac, 3 wire configuration

Integrated tray actuator featuring brushless action capable of delivering up to 35 IN-lb (4 Nm), modulating action

Specifications subject to change without notice


Pressure independent control over a broad range of pressures and the entire operating temperature range. Compatible with all industry standard sensors and controls, including damper actuators and valves.

One stage of proportional/integral heating control
Two types of cooling control: proportional/integral
Up to three stages of digital heat control: control several different terminal VAV applications with the same electronics
Four constant speed fan control strategies

Easy to Install

Installation requires only a single mounting screw and the attachment to the VAV damper actuator.

Features + Benefits

  • Lighting control
  • Precise analog and integral 24 VAC actuators
  • Velocity pressure sensor
  • Surface mount integrated circuit technology
  • Flash memory
  • InfoScan system integration for VAV terminal unit control