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  • This is Dorsett Control's SCADA MPC
  • This is Dorsett Control's SCADA MPC


Powerful meets compact. Meet the SCADA MPC. The SCADA MPC is a powerful control panel with 6 different I/O modules.

Technical Specifications

MPC CPU Module
The MPC CPU module is a programmable
controller that connects your InfoScan
system to a variety of I/O types. With
a standard DIN installation and simple
24VDC power interface, the MPC CPU
distributes power and communications
to as many as 16 IO modules.
With a clever TBUS interconnect
system that fits right into your DIN
rail, you can add IO with the snap of
a connector.
Part Number
3.6″w x 3.92″h x 4.5″d, 0.7 lb
0°C to 60°C operating temp
-30°C to 80°C storage temp
0 to 85% RH non-condensing
0 to 3000m operating altitude
512 kB Flash Memory
Supply Voltage
24VDC ± 10%, 60W
2x TIA/EIA-485 serial ports
9.6k – 76.8k baud
BACnet® MS/TP, N2, Modbus RTU
1x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
BACnet® /IP, Modbus/TCP
I/O Modules
Up to 16 MPC IO Modules
Maximum of 8 analog modules
UL/cUL Listed NRAQ.E513107

Do More with Less

Tackle diverse, high-density applications with the scalable SCADA Modular Process
Controller (MPC). The MPC system maximizes both panel and wall space so you can do
more with less. Configure the exact I/O types and capacities you need now, and add or
change with your system’s needs in the future with the snap of a connector.

Easily Connected and Integrated

Connect your InfoScan system to a wide variety of I/O types through up to 16
multi-channel modules (8 analog) with a standard DIN installation and simple 24VDC
power interface. Additionally, easily connect to your InfoScan network, other Dorsett
controllers, and third-party BACnet / Modbus / N2 products with the auto-negotiating
Ethernet port and two user-accessible serial ports.

Powerful  Status Indicators

The controller offers more than enough power (with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M) and memory for
even the most complex process controls. Each I/O module is equipped with an intuitive
LED-based HMI which provides status indication for all outputs and module
communication as well as an address assist feature making setup a breeze. All modules
utilize standard DIN rail mounting