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Dorsett Provides Safety, Security, and Reliability

City of Conway

The City of Conway was established in 1732, and currently serves over 18,100 customers. It has experienced severe flooding in the past several years, as a direct impact of Hurricane Mathew in October of 2016 and Hurricane Florence in September of 2017, both of which made landfall in South Carolina.

This severe flooding, coupled with other weather-related issues, revealed that the public utilities department required immediate and reliable remote-control access of its system sites as many are not easily accessible under inclement conditions.

Dorsett Controls was carefully evaluated and selected to install a modem, state-of-the-art SCADA system. The project quickly delivered the safety, security, and reliability required to allow the City of Conway to deliver essential utility services during critical times when customers rely on them the most.

Since the installation of Dorsett’s solution, the City of Conway has had unrestricted, remote access to all of its water and wastewater sites, while at the same time saving significant tax dollars each year.

Presently, Conway operates two water systems that serve approximately 18,100 customers and comprise 374 miles of water lines with seven elevated storage tanks. It also operates a sewer system that serves approximately 12,000 customers and comprises 140 miles of gravity sewer lines with 78 large pump stations, over 500 small grinder stations, and 81 miles of sewer forcemain.


Kent Bitting, Public Works Director
Phone: 843-397-2532