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MicroScan 5 Universal Controller

  • This is Dorsett Control's Microscan 5 Universal Controller
  • This is Dorsett Control's Microscan 5 Universal Controller

MicroScan 5 Universal Controller

The MicroScan 5 Universal Controller is easy to mount and software configurable, with the flexibility to operate in many unique modes.

Technical Specifications

Part No.

Dimensions: 8.765″w x 9.8″h x 2.13″d
Weight: 2.45 lb

-20°C to 70°C operating
-25°C to 80°C storage

32-bit ARM7, up to 72MHz
16-bit MSP430, up to 25MHz

4 MB RAM data
4.5 MB flash program storage

Supply Voltage
24VAC ± 20% 60Hz

Network Connections
10/100 Mbps ethernet
BACnet / IP protocol

Serial Ports
Qty 1 RS-232 or RS-485 port
Qty 3 RS-485 ports
2.4k – 76.8k baud
BACnet MS/TP, N2, Modbus RTU protocols

Universal Inputs
x16, 16-bit

0-2k ohm resistance
0-20mA loop or self-powered
0-5 VDC 0-10 VDC

Dry contact: NO or NC
Open collector

200 Hz max, 50% duty cycle

Analog Outputs
x8, 10-bit
0-10 V
0-5 V
4-20mA (see note 1)

Digital Outputs
x8, Triac
24VAC @ 300mA ea. (see note 2)

Note 1: 600 ohms max load
Note 2: 2A max all outputs

Specifications subject to change without notice


Use the MicroScan 5 as a router, controller, or global device to provide a growth path for your investment. Choose between stand-alone or networking operating modes. 16 universal inputs provide almost any input/output combination possible.

Network Ready

Industry standard secure networks on the internet, intranet, or private multipoint ethernet network.

Robust Design

Fully enclosed 18 ga enclosure. Fully protected I/O, communications, and power inputs with a wide operating temperature.

Upgrade and Expandability

Backwards compatible with previous generation hardware and software, plus multiple port options including serial and ethernet.

Easy to Install

Install with 4 mounting holes and pluggable terminal blocks. Full universal support — no jumpers, switchers, or extra hardware required.

Easy to Service

The MicroScan 5 has a local power switch and easily replaceable fuses, with removable and pluggable terminal blocks per channel. Service with an intuitive LCD panel and 5-button keypad.


Controller Inputs Outputs Keypad
SCADA Vio Lift Station Controller 9 digital / 2 analog 5 digital 6-button
MicroScan 5 Universal Controller 16 universal 8 digital / 8 analog 6-button
SCADA IO Universal Controller 8 universal input/output 8 universal input/output 6-button
MicroScan xTalk Controller 6-button