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SCADA IO Universal Controller

  • This is Dorsett Control's SCADA IO
  • This is Dorsett Control's SCADA IO

SCADA IO Universal Controller

The SCADA IO is a flexible and reliable controller built for remote applications. Its power-minded design and wide DC input range mean it's well-equipped for use with solar or battery-backed power.

Technical Specifications

Part No.

Dimensions: 10.75”w x 6.15”h x 3.5”d
Weight: 2.1 lb

-20°C to 70°C operating
-25 to 80°C storage

ARM7 32 bit

4.5NB flash

Power Input
10-32 VDC, 2W plus UIO power burden

Communication Ports
10/100 Mbps ethernet
3 x RS-485
1 x RS-232/485

Universal Input Output Modes
0-10VDC input
0-20mA input
Dry-contact input
0-10VDC output
0-20mA output
Relay driver output

UIO Isolation
1.5kVAC, 3kVDC; 60sec isolation

Specifications subject to change without notice

Built for Remote Applications

Designed to be used where you need it, with almost any power source. Unused UIO hardware is automatically turned off to conserve power.


Universal input output channels are software-configurable for an array of I/O needs. Wide power input range covers 12 or 24VDC solar charge controller arrangements.

Reduced Footprint

A robust energy-coordinated surge protection scheme and high-voltage isolation barrier eliminate the need for separate, costly isolation and protection components.

Easy to Install

Lightweight, DIN rail-mounted design includes pluggable screw terminal blocks.

Features + Benefits

  • Intuitive LCD user interface
  • DC powered
  • Battery-backed calendar and clock
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Electrically isolated power input and UIO points
  • Individually isolated 12VDC power source at each UIO
  • Onboard power monitor and diagnostics reported to server
  • RS-232, RS-485, and 10/100 ethernet communication options


Controller Inputs Outputs Keypad
SCADA Vio Lift Station Controller 9 digital / 2 analog 5 digital 6-button
MicroScan 5 Universal Controller 16 universal 8 digital / 8 analog 6-button
SCADA IO Universal Controller 8 universal input/output 8 universal input/output 6-button
MicroScan xTalk Controller 6-button